Why you shouldn’t go solar!!

With so many Solar companies out there trying to get your attention, it’s no wonder you haven’t pulled the trigger yet. How do you know who is telling the truth and who is taking you for a ride down the solar rabbit hole? Worst is having an unsolicited phone call when you’re trying to eat dinner with the family. Using these old school Marketing tactics on something as cutting edge as solar just doesn’t seem right. If we can now Generate Electricity harnassing the power of the sun then there has to be a better way to reach customers then making customers so upset and fed up with being harassed about going solar that the slightest mention of the topic brings a knee-jerk reaction. You want to talk about solar, is that right well let me tell you how I feel about solar. Yikes!! Since we are now in the information age and expect all the answers we are looking for to be at your fingertips it’s no wonder more people have not gone solar. The very people who are trying to get you to Go Solar are the same people keeping you from doing it.

Here at Coastal Solar, we are trying a novel idea of letting the customer reach out to us. Listening to what the customer wants and needs are then giving our customers what they ask for. How great is that? Coastal Solar

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