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Since 1988, Coastal Solar has served home owners and businesses  in Ventura, California.

Installing solar panels coupled with a battery energy storage system is how you save money on your power bill, protect yourself against future rate increases, power your home or property during grid outages and gain priceless peace of mind.

Investing in your own solar energy system means that you have control over where your energy comes from, not your utility—energy freedom!

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The Power Situation

From 2008 to 2017 over 4,000 blackouts have occurred in the state of California, leaving many residents in the dark for hours to days at a time.

Imagine going days without electricity, falling behind on work, school, or even stressing to properly take care of your family. For electric vehicle owners, blackouts pose an even larger problem. Not having the proper energy to power your car can prevent you from going to work or school.

Though these occurrences are rare, they are increasing in frequency, and government officials warn that the increase is likely to continue.

Then, you have, “rotating outages“: “A rotating outage is a brief, controlled power outage mandated by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).” ~Southern California Edison

So why not give yourself the peace of mind knowing you have the power to get you through blackouts, brownouts and planned outages? Not only will this reduce the stress that comes with power outages, it gives you more control over your electricity bills.

Ventura Solar Panels Installation:

Harnessing the Clean and Renewable Power of Our Sun.

At Coastal Solar, we have helped many local families, businesses and individuals to save money on their power bill. California is one of the best states for solar panel installation. With rooftop solar panel costs at an all-time low and electricity costs increasing, now is the perfect time to go green, go solar and start saving money.

In a state known for its sunny days and mild climate, the value in purchasing solar panels isn’t even a question. On average, solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years. Over that time span, Ventura residents are expected to save anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000. This means that your savings could easily be ten times over the initial installation cost.

If the price of solar panel installation worries you, California offers a 30% tax credit for installing solar panels for your home, effectively cutting the price of installation by nearly a third.

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Key Benefits of Clean and Renewable Solar Energy in Sunny Ventura, CA:

There are many advantages to a solar energy system. We’ll start with these:

  1. Save money on your electricity bills
  2. Take advantage of tax related incentives
  3. Protect against future increases in electricity rates
  4. Increase home or property value

With an average of 268 days of sunlight a year, it is no wonder why so many are having solar power systems installed to start saving money on electricity bills.

On average Californians spend over $220 every month on power bills. This totals to around $2,640 per year which is 34% higher than the national average.

In a city that basks in the sunlight most days of the year, why would you pay 34% more when you can offset your electricity bill by harnessing the clean, renewable energy of our sun?

Why Trust Coastal Solar?

Family Owned & Operated Since 1988

With Coastal Solar, you get a seasoned, highly-trained, and certified staff with decades of experience. Put some of the best solar panel installation experts to work on your solar energy project.

Licensed, Certified, Connected

You get veteran licensed solar industry professionals, fully certified and partnered with the best names in the business, like Tesla, Enphase, LG, and Maxeon, among others.

General Contractors Gone Green

From general contracting business to Ventura solar panels installation company. The founders of Coastal Solar started out as contractors, building homes, additions and performing upgrades for homeowners up and down the coast. We know construction.

Priceless Peace-of-Mind

Quality products, veteran solar experts and exemplary service, guaranteed by Coastal Solar.

Only In-House Solar Installation

Accountability: We do not subcontract our solar energy system installations. You get an all in-house team to manage your solar project with precision from start to finish.

Solar Financing - Ventura Solar Panels Installation

Coastal Solar offers solar loans, helping you to make your solar energy plans a reality with little to no money down.

Other Coastal Solar Services

We recommend regular checkups of your solar energy system by trained specialists. Not only does this ensure your system is in tip-top shape and optimally producing energy, it also greatly decreases the chances of a major problem with your system.

Just like Doctor visits, routine checkups of your solar panels are essential to keep your clean energy system healthy and running efficiently. These detailed inspections can identify problems with your system, like a detrimental buildup of dust or dirt on your panels, a short-circuiting wire that could cause a fire, or whether or not your panels are producing the expected amount of power during peak sunlight hours.

We also provide inspection services for properties on which you want to install solar panels. After such an inspection, our experts can help you decide if solar energy is a good choice for you, or recommend the products and services that best suit your environment or situation.

To schedule a checkup or inspection for your system call us at: (805) 246-1330

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Company

Coastal Solar installs commercial solar panels and solar power systems in Ventura, California.

Commercial solar installations can decrease a company’s operational costs and provide significant tax benefits.  If you own the building you’re in, and your roof is large enough, you can offset a big part of your electricity use.

Installing a solar power system is smart business. Power bills are going up while the price of solar is going down.

The Choice of Ventura Building Professionals

Coastal Solar is the first choice in Ventura solar panels installation companies for many local building professionals.  We work seamlessly with contractors to meet scheduling requirements.  And we have a great reputation with local developers, builders and architects for quality design, components and workmanship.

From design, to permits, to solar system installation, the experts at Coastal Solar will manage your solar energy system installation, start to finish.

The Coastal Solar Process

So, you’ve decided to install solar panels, congratulations! But what’s next?

Contact the Ventura solar panels installation experts at Coastal Solar and we’ll schedule a convenient time for you to meet with a consultant.  During the meeting, we’ll discuss solar power systems and the many benefits they provide, answer any questions, talk about payment and how you can save money.

The next step involves a surveyor who will do a complete assessment of your home including a shade analysis, sun hours, azimuth tilt (the most optimal angle to install your panels), solar array location, and measure your roof to determine how many panels can be installed. Once all of this data is collected, we get to work designing the most optimal solar system for you.

Any home renovation project requires many approvals and permits from your city/county, SDG&E, HOA and more, but our team has got you covered. We’ll work closely with officials in your city to ensure that all permits are acquired and approved before the installation date.

After all the paperwork is completed, installation of solar panels, batteries and other components can begin.


“I highly recommend Coastal Solar.  All of the people at Coastal Solar  installed our very complicated ground mount system perfectly.  After interviewing three solar companies, we went with Coastal Solar due to their understanding of the project; their experience; and their easy demeanor and and excellent responsiveness.  We have, and will continue to happily recommend this wonderful company.”

“The staff at Coastal Solar have answered many a late night phone call filled with questions.  The customer service and love that comes from this team is enough to set an appointment. We highly recommend them!”

Have questions? Just fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch soon. Or, call us at: (805) 246-1330


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