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Coastal Solar, Inc., a Thousand Oaks solar panels installation company, has provided the best in solar energy services and technology to residents and business owners in Thousand Oaks, California since 1988.

When you set up up solar photovoltaic systems (solar panels installation) along with a battery energy storage system, you can cut down on your power bill, shield yourself from potential rate hikes, keep your home or property running with electricity during grid outages, and enjoy real peace of mind.

Opting for your own solar energy system gives you the power to choose from where your energy is sourced. You are in control of your energy supply, not the utility company.

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The Power Predicament

Between 2008 and 2017, more than 4,000 blackouts have taken place in California, resulting in prolonged periods of darkness and inconvenience.

The absence of electricity for hours or even days can have significant consequences, such as falling behind on responsibilities at work or school, and struggling to provide for one’s family. Electric vehicle owners face an additional challenge during blackouts, as the lack of energy can hinder their ability to commute to work or school.

Then, there are the, “rotating outages“: “A rotating outage is a brief, controlled power outage mandated by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).” ~Southern California Edison

Government officials have issued warnings that these incidents are likely to increase in frequency. So, it’s wise to ensure that you have the means to effectively manage these blackouts and brownouts.

Thousand Oaks Solar Panels Installation

Solar Panel Installation: Utilizing the Clean and Sustainable Energy of Our Sun.

For decades, Coastal Solar has helped businesses and home owners in Thousand Oaks, Californai to reduce their power expenses.

The state of California stands out as one of the most favorable states for solar energy systems. With the cost of solar panels currently at their lowest and electricity expenses on the rise, there couldn’t be a better time to switch to solar and start saving money.

In a state renowned for its abundant sunshine and milder climate, the benefits of investing in solar panels are easy to see. On average, solar panels last about 25 years. During the lifespan of these solar energy systems, residents of Thousand Oaks can expect to save anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000. This implies that your savings could easily surpass the initial installation cost by tenfold. If concerns about the price of solar panel installation trouble you, California provides a 30% tax credit for home solar panel installations, effectively reducing the installation cost by almost a third.

Thousand Oaks Solar Panels Installation Company

Here are some advantages of utilizing clean and renewable solar energy in sunny Thousand Oaks, CA:

  1. Cut down on your electricity expenses
  2. Benefit from tax incentives
  3. Shield yourself from potential electricity rate hikes
  4. Boost the value of your home or property

Given the abundance of sunshine in Thousand Oaks, CA, it is unsurprising that so many people opt for solar power systems to reduce their electricity expenses. Californians, on average, spend more than $220 per month on power bills, resulting in a yearly total of approximately $2,640. This amount is 34% higher than the national average, making solar power an attractive option for cost savings.

Thousand Oaks residents enjoy abundant sunshine throughout the year. So, why would you choose to pay an additional 34% when you can easily reduce your electricity expenses by utilizing the sustainable and awesome power of our sun?

Why Choose Coastal Solar?

Family Owned & Operated Since 1988

Our team possesses a wealth of expertise and abilities that can only be acquired through years of industry experience.

Certified and Licensed

Coastal Solar offers a proficient group of highly skilled and certified technicians and solar installation specialists.

Home Builder Roots

Coastal Solar began as a construction company, specializing in home building, home additions and upgrades.


You get one the best warranties in the solar energy industry backing high quality products and services.

All In-House Staff

From beginning to end, your solar panels installation project is managed by our completely in-house team.

Financing Options

Enjoy a quality solar energy system with little or no down payment. Coastal Solar helps customers access some of the best loans in the business.

Other Coastal Solar Services

Inspections and Checkups of Your Solar Energy System

Regular maintenance checkups for your solar energy system are highly recommended.

These routine inspections not only ensure that your system is operating at its best and generating energy efficiently, but they also significantly reduce the risk of any major issues occurring with your system. Just like regular doctor visits are essential for your health, these checkups are crucial for the health and performance of your solar panels.

Our inspection services also extend to properties where solar panels are to be installed. Following an inspection, our experts can provide guidance on whether solar energy is a suitable option for you, as well as recommend the most appropriate products and services for your specific needs.

To schedule a checkup or inspection for your system, please contact us at: (805) 246-1330.

Commercial Installation of Solar Panels

Coastal Solar specializes in the installation of commercial solar panels and solar power systems in Thousand Oaks, California.

By opting for Coastal Solar’s commercial solar installations, businesses can effectively reduce their operational expenses and enjoy substantial tax advantages. Moreover, if you are a building owner with a spacious roof, you have the opportunity to offset a significant portion of your electricity consumption.

Embracing a solar power system is a wise business decision, considering the escalating power costs and the declining prices of solar energy.

Thousand Oaks Building Professionals Choose Coastal Solar

Coastal Solar is the preferred option for numerous building professionals in the area. Our team collaborates effectively with contractors to ensure all scheduling needs are met. Additionally, we are highly regarded by local developers, builders, and architects for our top-notch design, components, and craftsmanship.

From the initial design phase, through obtaining permits, to the actual installation of the solar system, the skilled professionals at Coastal Solar will oversee every step of the process.

Our Process

Congratulations on your decision to install solar panels! Now, what comes next?

Reach out to the solar energy experts at Coastal Solar, and we will arrange a convenient meeting with a consultant. During this meeting, we will discuss the various benefits of solar power systems, address any queries you may have, and delve into payment options and potential savings.

The subsequent step involves a surveyor who will conduct a thorough assessment of your home. This assessment will include analyzing shade patterns, sun hours, the optimal angle for panel installation (azimuth tilt), determining the ideal location for the solar array, and measuring your roof to ascertain the number of panels that can be installed. Once all this data is collected, we will proceed to design the most efficient solar system for your specific needs.

Naturally, any home renovation project requires multiple approvals and permits from various entities such as your city/county, SDG&E, HOA, and more. However, rest assured that our team will handle all of this for you. We will work closely with officials in your city to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained and approved well in advance of the installation date.

Once all the paperwork is completed, the installation process for your solar panels, batteries, and other components can commence.

Coastal Solar – Your Thousand Oaks Solar Panels Installation Company

Why does buying local matter?

  1. Our commitment to serving our community is evident in our dedication to maintaining a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional service and top-notch solar components and systems.
  2. Our workforce consists of highly skilled, dedicated and tenacious individuals who not only live and work locally but also have a genuine passion for their craft.
  3. We take full responsibility for the installation of our solar energy systems and do not rely on subcontractors.
  4. Our company’s success and growth are solely attributed to the hard work and dedication of our founders and employees, without any external investors influencing our decisions.
  5. By choosing a local company, you contribute to a stronger local economy, as up to three times more money remains within our community.

Coastal Solar is go-to choice for professional solar panel system design and installation in Thousand Oaks, CA, since 1988. With the growing demand for green energy solutions, coupled with government policies, tax rebates, and other incentives, the solar panel industry is expanding rapidly.

Take advantage of the current trend by investing in solar panels now, as prices and installation costs are at their lowest in 2024, while energy costs are on the rise–Call Coastal Solar today!


“I highly recommend Coastal Solar.  All of the people at Coastal Solar  installed our very complicated ground mount system perfectly.  After interviewing three solar companies, we went with Coastal Solar due to their understanding of the project; their experience; and their easy demeanor and and excellent responsiveness.  We have, and will continue to happily recommend this wonderful company.”

“The staff at Coastal Solar have answered many a late night phone call filled with questions.  The customer service and love that comes from this team is enough to set an appointment. We highly recommend them!”

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