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Our family has had some money problems for a while now. Our electric Bill is easily $300 a month, so when the guys from Coastal Solar (Markell and Oliver) knocked on our door to tell us about their program we wanted to know more. They were very helpful and knowledgeable so we set up an appointment to meet with Amanda to discuss options and look into financing.  We read their pamphlet they left with us, we checked out their website and did our research. We did not expect what happened next.

Stephanie S.

I was connected with Coastal Solar through the Solarize Ventura program. I chose Coastal Solar because they, A) were part of the Solarize Ventura program, B) were a local family owned Ventura company,  C) used USA produced equipment.  I was impressed from the very beginning. First Amanda and Matt came to my house and went over the entire program with me and answered all of my questions with clear and concise explanations. (more…)

Scott F.

“I highly recommend Coastal Solar.  All of the people at Coastal Solar  installed our very complicated ground mount system perfectly. (more…)

Jonathan W.

I did my research and interviewed a number of companies before deciding on Coastal Solar. They had installed a system for a friend who was extremely pleased with his experience. (more…)

Russ MD