Our family has had some money problems for a while now. Our electric Bill is easily $300 a month, so when the guys from Coastal Solar (Markell and Oliver) knocked on our door to tell us about their program we wanted to know more. They were very helpful and knowledgeable so we set up an appointment to meet with Amanda to discuss options and look into financing.  We read their pamphlet they left with us, we checked out their website and did our research. We did not expect what happened next.

The day they came back they were very thorough, measuring, photos, explanations for everything they did, they didn’t shy away from concerns, they didn’t bat an eye when we brought up our financial hardships, or concerns with financing. They were very empathetic and met us in our moment.  Amanda not only discussed options for solar and financing but she gave detailed insight on how to manage our electricity consumption in the event that we may not qualify right away, she on the spot gave names and phone numbers of companies that help lighten the financial burden of utility bills and even mortgage payments. Amanda was able to actually help us sort through an action plan to going solar even though the possibility may not be in the cards right now.  When they left we felt like we were actually cared for and respected in the community even though we haven’t been able to be the best role models for financial responsibility.

Since that meeting Amanda and Markell brought over the quote, we did not qualify for PACE because we were late on a mortgage payment, we got all details on how much time we had till we would qualify and Amanda again walked us through an action plan. We have already began to lower our utility consumption, we have utilized several of the non-profit organizations she mentioned to help get us ahead, and we plan to take advantage of their $500 referral program till we are able to go solar.  Amanda has been a good sport and has answered late night phone calls filled with questions and has talked to other friends and co-workers who have similar questions.  The customer service and love that comes from this team is enough to set an appointment. We highly recommend them, and can’t wait till we can install with Coastal Solar!


Stephanie S.